Madeleine Xanthine



Madeleine is a good  massage therapist who has turned to the darkside. 

She provides massage, BDSM, and fetish sessions, all wrapped up in a  cocoon of sensuality, openness, and intention.  

Meet Madeleine

I'm so gorgeous, there's a six month waiting list for birds to suddenly appear, every time I am near! -Cat

Maya Odelle


Equal parts coquettish siren, merciless sadist, tantalizing lover, and all-around hedonist; Maya is a multi-faceted being with a velvet hand and a heart of gold. 

Meet Maya

Duos Available

Get in touch for rates and details on booking.

Tara Tender


For lovers of soft curves, beautiful, big naturals, and bountiful  booties-- she's got you. For those who like a girl who's smart, sweet, and  just a pleasure to be around--she's got you too. Tara may come off as a bad  girl. Perhaps even a very, very bad girl. Tattooed, pierced, wild-eyed,  and devious; yes indeed. But on the inside Tara is kind-hearted and tender.  

That Girl Next Door with a Heart of Gold.