Sex in the time of COVID-19

COVID-19 is impacting us all.  Your safety, your loved ones safety and my safety are ALWAYS a priority.

With this in mind I am changing the way I offer sessions for the foreseeable future and will be prioritizing my online presence. I also want to keep in mind our needs for intimacy, connection, catharsis and release.  So Nurse Ray is prescribing staying home and masturbating and I'm here to help!

I will be prioritizing online sessions and content making. In person sessions *may* be unavailable.

Please check out details below about:

  • In person Sessions
  • Online Sessions and Interactive Duos
  • OnlyFans and Online Content


In Person Sessions


In Person Massage with Hand Release

I will be offering erotic massage with hand release.  This will include body slides, russian, hand job and your hands on my body where you are able to reach ;)  

I will not be offering any kissing, oral, or FS at this time. See Rates Below

Mutual Masturbation

You and Me in one room.  I pull out my toys. You pull out your cock. I watch you stroke while you watch me play until we both reach a socially distant climax.   

No physical contact between us.  Lots of dirty talk totally available! Rates Below

4 Hands Massage

Join Madeleine Xanthine and myself for an experience that will make you forget all  your worries. We provide an all over erotic massage and hand release.  Tits and hands everywhere!

Rates Below

Precautions I am taking

  • I am traveling only between my home and incall and am driving.  My only other outside contact is limited to outdoor dog walks and the VERY occasional errand (I may need to go to a post office).
  •  At my home and incall space I am washing my hands as soon as I enter.  All surfaces, handles, phones, laptops, light switches etc. are being sanitized on a regular schedule as well as after any contact with people entering the space.  I am also following the same procedures for my car.
  • Before and after any session I will be cleaning all surfaces, toys, lube bottles, etc.

What I ask of you

  • If you have had any exposure to a person or situation where people may have COVID-19 please do not see me until you have completed 14 days of quarantine.
  • If you have recently traveled from outside of the country, visited a busy public space, been to a hospital or care facility please wait the 14 days quarantine.
  • Please be practicing similar precautions around social distancing and hand washing/sanitation that I am.
  • When you arrive the first thing I will do is lead you to the restroom to wash up.  Hand sanitizer, rubbing alcohol and other safety products will be available during in person sessions and you may be asked to use them.